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The 10 Biggest Google Adwords Spenders

Posted on 12 Dec 2011 in Pay Per Click | 4 comments

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Kantar Media have just released a list of the top 20 biggest Ad buyers on the Google Adwords platform in the US. They estimated PPC spend based on keyword clicks, pricing and impression data. It makes for an interesting read – so much so that I ran the list through to delve deeper. Here are the findings:

Global Search Spend: Jan. – Sept. 2011

(Source: Kantar Media)

At the top of the list you can find IAC. IAC own several companies and websites, among these are:, Ask Kids, Excite,,,, and Vimeo (in total about 50 online brands). For this analysis we only analysed’s PPC budget – you’ll see why below (If anyone would like a full breakdown of all IAC properties shoot us a message @acquisitioneng).

In second place you have Amazon who according to Kantar spent $118,501,000 from Jan to Sep of this year – has Amazon down for spending approx $417,233 per day.

Daily Ad Budget

Amount of money spent per day by each company on Google Adwords US.

Number of PPC Keywords Bid On

Incredible: eBay, Amazon and each bidding on over 5 million keywords daily.

Total Clicks/Day

I thought Arbitrage was dead! prove me wrong – they are currently generating approx 784,767 visitors/clicks a day via Adwords.

Average Cost/Click

Statefarm are paying top dollar for insurance based search terms. “auto insurance columbus” comes in at $36.06! They are nowhere to be find in ‘Local’ which is dominating the SERPS.

Number of Ads

eBay are currently running a staggering 17,024,153 Google Adword Ads.

PPC Competitors

Adwords Competition is rife!

  • Dirty Seagull

    oh to be a Google shareholder, if only i had a time machine

  • Trex

    Vringo earns everytime a user clicks on adwords/adsense. Vringo will earn 3.5% running royalty rate from GOOGLE !!!

  • Redsentment

    GO GO GO VRINGO! All money in the bank!

  • Sean

    I’ve just read up on this case. Wasn’t aware. They are collecting 3.5 on 90% of Google’s revenues from Sept 2011 to 2016. Insane.